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News: Pull the porn star toilet prank

In case you haven't noticed it's awards season. No, not the Oscars... the WonderHowTo Awards!!! Not to throw the election, but the porn star toilet prank is pretty boss. The Man Show's geniuses behind the "Household Hints from Adult Film Stars" segment put together this top notch prank. We agree porn stars are good for video, but nothing is more exciting than the prospect of a buddy drenched in toilet water!

News: Be the laziest person in the office

Hello New Year. Guess what? Vacation is almost over, and I don’t feel like going to work. The Puritans were so … 17th century. That was then. I am now. So, here is my resolution: I want to help usher in a new stage in American industry: enlightened entitlement. No more feeling guilty. I won’t sneak around. I just won’t work terribly hard. I am liberating the slacker within. To help ring in the New Year, join me in watching this inspirational video: How to be the laziest person in the office. ...

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