News: PRANKS! Ass-To-Face Your Roommate Jersey Shore Style & More

PRANKS! Ass-To-Face Your Roommate Jersey Shore Style & More

Has the new season of Jersey Shore brought out your inner hooligan? Or better yet... does the anticipation of the new Jackass 3D movie have you itching to debase and humiliate your best pals? Fortunately, it's just about time to head back to school. And if you have a roommate, well....we pity him/her. 

In honor of our partnership with Jackass, we have compiled ten back-to-school pranks for your viewing pleasure. Check out this definitive prank guide before heading back to the dorms.

Embedded here is my personal favorite, as promised in the headline:

And just in case you missed all the buzz on the Jackass 3D Prank Contest, here's Knoxville to invite you to join the Jackass pranksters:

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Pfft, we've been doing that old trick in the military long before any of these douche puds ever heard of it.

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