News: Prank a shower head with chicken bouillon

Prank a shower head with chicken bouillon

Mom, watch your back. I kid you not.

Stealth. Super-annoying without being dangerous. No trace. Sublime in that Ian Fleming kind of way.

At WonderHowTo we take pride in our unparalleled range of tutorials; we instruct you how to clean, fix, or replace any shower head. No individual website has our breathtaking quantity or quality.

But, good lord! How subversively Wonderful to then deconstruct all this accumulated knowledge... in the form of a shower head video prank tutorial!

Mom, are you proud now?

Prank a shower head with chicken bouillon

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quick, easy, delicious... AND it would leave no trace after a minute or two of the shower running.

Bwahahahahah!!!! You cannot catch me! This is MY TIME!

Between this, the bloody red rap water, and the bloody toothbrush you could really give someone a crappy morning.

this could easily create a barf-o-thon

the Colonel is rolling in his grave.

You can get a delayed reaction if you just mush it up in its wrapper a bit, then stuff it in there.

If you get some soap shavings (esp. girly smelling ones for guy showers), you can make a bubbly fest for them. They'll never get the soap off. ^w^

It's also very easy to get rid of if you know what you're doing... so you get clean showers, but your roomie doesn't. XD

the most awsome idea ever ,actually probs second to coke pranks

what happens

youre gonna smell worse for not being able to shower anymore

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