News: Prank a buddy with exploding ketchup!

Prank a buddy with exploding ketchup!

Middle school lunch tables are begging for this prank. Wait, who are we kidding? Everybody's lunch table could use a ketchup explosion every once in a while!

This prank is from an enthusiastic kid who goes by the moniker SoccerBallz. Utilizing the power of baking soda, he pressurizes a bottle of ketchup to erupt on an unwitting diner.

Simple. Devastating. Brilliant!

Pull an exploding ketchup prank

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hahahahahah it wet every where hahahaha

good video

lmao you got it all over your self.
thats a hilarious prank tho


holy crap that could be used as a weapon up close

i just came, lol

it cause theres vinigar in ketsup

moms gonna beat ur ass boy =]

hahaha! funny prank..

That was the best prank ever! Great Job!

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