News: Execute a perfect upside down coffee prank

Execute a perfect upside down coffee prank

Gameday! Bring on the best and most evil pranks. Humiliate those closest to you.

This devastatingly simple office prank requires nothing out of the ordinary to perform. In fact, you could probably execute this right now, without getting up from your chair.

It is the first time we've seen Desktop Ghost on Wonder of the Day, but it shall not be the last. They've got lots of DIY tricks from magic cigarettes to levitation devices.

Pick a mark (but be mindful of any delicate laptops nearby). It is just not as funny when you get a $2000 bill from IT.

Do the upside down coffee cup office prank

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wow that is cool but how do you do it

It's a really common science trick. I think it has something to do with water tension and pulling a vacuum in the bottom of the cup.

DUeDE 2wo mutch sience stuf!

that's cool U rock dude

so prankalicious it gets my dick hard *strokes*

in order for the coffee to leave the cup it needs to be replaced by something else like air for example, but the paper does not alow the air to get into the cup so the coffee can not be displaced

well you are all wrong. The guy creates a vaccum with the paper and theliquid when he taps the paper that is on top of the cup. that way when the liquid tries to escape it cannot go anywhere.

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