News: Funny Walmart Prank [Angry Birds in Real Life Prank]

Funny Walmart Prank [Angry Birds in Real Life Prank]

This is a prank me and two friends from my high school did this last summer. We went to Walmart to try pranking shoppers. In this video, we were throwing things in walmart. We took super soft stuffed animals (to make sure we didn't hurt anybody) and threw them over the aisle to try putting things in people's carts. If they didn't have a cart we'd try to land it close to them.

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We filmed the people of walmart and their reactions with a hidden camera. We love doing stupid stuff in walmart! There are a lot of walmart pranks to pull on walmart people, but if you're looking for stuff to do in walmart, you should check out our channel. We've uploaded a fews videos of things to do in walmart. Think we should do more random walmart pranks? You have any more walmart pranking ideas? Let us know!

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