News: The Best 2015 April Fool's Day Pranks from Around the Web

The Best 2015 April Fool's Day Pranks from Around the Web

Don't believe what you read on the internet, especially today, when web giants like Amazon, Google, and the like showcase their otherworldly products and services. If they seem too good to be true, they probably are—but that doesn't make them any less fun.

Keep checking back here as we continually update this article with today's best April Fool's Day pranks. And if you missed the best of last year's jokes, check them out here.

Dual-Boot iOS on Android & Vice Versa

We had our own April Fool's Day fun here at WonderHowTo with our Gadget Hacks guides on dual-booting iOS 8 on Android 4.0+ and dual-booting Android Lollipop on iOS 7.0+. In them, dual-booting was as easy as going to or and tapping on the link.

Reverse Google

Google is great at making suggestions for where you actually meant to surf to when you mistype a search, but your dyslexia may be tested today. When you type in in your browser, you'll be in for a backwards experience.

Smartbox by Inbox

"A new way to experience the mail you love. The good old-fashioned kind that you touch with your hands and smell with your nose." Welp, I'm sold.

Smartbox by Inbox is a new twist on a classic—your actual, tangible mail. I mean, who wouldn't want a temperature-controlled mailbox that "learns from your habits"? Apps, spam filters, and smart folders? Sign. Me. Up.

Show the Internet How You Really Feel

Selfies have become a staple of self-expression, but for those moments when we need to show our reaction to something in real time, we're left with few options. Google, though, is here to help.

"One #ChromeSelfie can easily replace dozens of words, improving efficiency and comprehension." 'Nuff said.

Amazon Classic

Nostalgia alert! When shopping for your wares today, you may stumble on something that takes you back 15 years.

Yes, the retail giant has gone back to its roots. Don't worry, though, a quick click-through will get you back to the Amazon you know and love.

The Galaxy Blade EDGE

You've probably heard of the Galaxy S6 Edge by now, but have you seen the Galaxy Blade edge: Chef's Edition knife? It "could very well render all the knives in your kitchen obsolete."

It has a ceramic body, diamond edge, foldable handle, sensors to analyze your grip, protection against finger slicing, human blood sensor, thermometer, and is waterproof and fireproof. What more could you want from a smart chef's knife?


Wearables aren't just for your face or wrist, and HTC is set to prove it with their newest "feet of engineering"—the RE Sok.

Complete with "Notifeetcation" technology to stay on top of your texts and a GPS-based "Pair Finder" to make locating troublesome socks easier, the RE Sok is truly a game-changer.

Microsoft Introduces MS-DOS Mobile

With Windows Phone a distant third in the smartphone OS wars, Microsoft is ready to try something new.

"MS-DOS Mobile marks the next step in Microsoft's reinvention of productivity." You can run pre-installed apps and uncover extra features, all through the classic 'C:\' prompt.

Tapp: A New Twist on Gaming

We're big fans on Drippler around here, so when we heard they developed a new type of gaming experience, we couldn't wait to install it.

The gameplay is both remarkable and simple—forget fancy animations and graphics. In their place is a singular button which you tap. Then tap again. And yet again. The goal is to tap as fast as you can and set the record for highest number of taps per minute. It may sound easy, but you're up against people from around the world, so don't take your task lightly.

Make Connections with Your Chin

Much like Tapp, this one is all too real, though maybe you wish it weren't. Using Tinder as inspiration, Chinder is ready to take your love life to the next level. Well, at least a different level.

Available for Android starting today, Chinder wants to connect you with those you find chin-attractive. Sign up with your email address, snap a picture of your chin, and start swiping.

Google Fiber Dial-Up Mode

You know, sometimes the internet moves too fast. That's especially the case if you're in one of the lucky towns with the ability to use Google Fiber and its lightning-fast Gigabit speeds. But sometimes, we just need to slow it down...

This is where Dial-Up Mode comes in. By incorporating dial-up technology into existing fiber lines, the engineers are Google were able to slow down the information-carrying photons by 376 times the normal speed. With slower speeds, you'll have more time to do chores and hang out with family—"dial up and hug."

Tesla's Answer to Parking Tickets & Time

Parking tickets are just the worst, and a surefire way to ruin your day. In Santa Monica, where the WonderHowTo offices are located, a parking ticket starts at around $70! Luckily, Tesla is here to offer a solution...if you happen to own and drive one of their Model S'.

Using the wipers to deter meter-maids, as well as 'Ticket Avoidance Mode', where Model S will drive around the block until the "ticket threat" is removed, you'll be sure to never be bothered again with these "receipts for premium parking."

And for those of us without a Model S in the garage, Tesla also debuted their watch, dubbed the Tesla Model W.

While the Model W will tell the time and date, Tesla wants to make it perfectly clear this move is "in no way a competitive response to what some other company is doing." Thanks for clearing that up.

What are the April Fool's Day pranks that you loved this year? Let us know, plus any that we may have missed, in the comment section below.

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