News: Mod a cartridge to print invisible ink

Mod a cartridge to print invisible ink

We've all tried writing with lemon juice (a.k.a. invisible ink). It's a mess. And the main draw back is definitely efficiency.

Spy work requires extensive (and sometimes wordy) communication.

Enter: the printer mod. We were super impressed when our friend Loup sent us this video on printing with invisible ink!

The ultraviolet ink is the most sophisticated of the invisible breed.

Some alternatives we found were urine, vinegar, wine, honey, lemon juice, milk and onion juice.

For the very adventurous...consider British Secret Intelligence Service chief, Sir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming's favorite covert ink: semen. As an endorsement of its official use, he proclaimed to his spies, "Every man carries his own stylo".

WonderHowTo is not responsible for semen damage to your Epson.

Fill a printer cartridge with invisible ink

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Where do you get the pens?

Hah! The stuff people think of. Pretty neat...

good,i like it

thats cool and all but you can read it in sunlight to :P

this reminds me of "invisible tatoos" that only are seen in the dark after its been exposed 2 light. i wonder if they really work that well or if u can see them in daylight

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