News: Be the laziest person in the office

Be the laziest person in the office

Hello New Year. Guess what? Vacation is almost over, and I don't feel like going to work. The Puritans were so … 17th century. That was then. I am now. So, here is my resolution: I want to help usher in a new stage in American industry: enlightened entitlement. No more feeling guilty. I won't sneak around. I just won't work terribly hard. I am liberating the slacker within. To help ring in the New Year, join me in watching this inspirational video: How to be the laziest person in the office. From where do we learn such considered advice? Appropropriately enough from the good (English) folks at Videojug.

Make sleep glasses

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Awesome! I am going to find a job to sleep at right now! Thanks wonder how to!

Hilarious & Brilliant!

She sounds like she's liking the sleep glasses
good raunchy fun at the office!

Great Stuff, Funny!

ROFLMAO NICE :D I'm gonna make them right now haha

Thats hilarious... drive safely lol

a little old trick, but still funny, i like making them crossed eyed,lol.

oh! one thing though! it dont work with the cop's,, be careful,,,


OMG!! those glass eyes are scary!! jajajaja!!

LOL..great vid :-D

too funny! Kinda scary lookin though

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