News: The 2011 No-Pants Subway Ride

The 2011 No-Pants Subway Ride

Improv Everywhere's 10th annual no-pants subway ride gave 10,000 New Yorkers an excuse to ride the tubes in their skivvies this month. Good, but not as good as last year's April Fools faux-genital baring ride. Scroll below the video of the NYC ride to see other participating cities around the world.






Los Angeles

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Eventually this is gonna go on so long, people will forget why they do it.
This will be a holiday, with holiday food and tunes dedicated to this.
The whole planet celebrating no pants on subway day, how grand.

it's so ridiculous........!!!more over they don't know why they do it.......!!!but thats pretty cool......!!!wakakakakakakakakakkkaka

How freakishly cool mann! But I've seen cooler stuff! A group of people riding bicycles totally NAKED! They were campaigning or something I guess.. LOL

Oh my goodness...I feature in one of these pics. Worse still I'm still doing it coz I still can't remember where I put my pants.

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