News: I Think the Couch Just Kicked My Ass

I Think the Couch Just Kicked My Ass

Quasi-hack, all-and-out prank, it's amazing what you can do with an airbag...


Im pretty sure he was injured, that looked really painful.

I dunno, butts can take a lot of pounding..

HAH, thats what she said. That sort of force could do damage to his spine, pelvis, or hips. Either that, or all of the nerves in his ass shot off signals at once.


The impact of an airbag on a spine can be so hard it can fracture it! A fractured spine can leave a person injured or paralyzed for life or, even worse, dead! And don't forget the additional injuries from falling down afterwards...

This means although you think it's only a prank you are very likely to end up paying compensation for a long time or even worse with a prison sentence. I wouldn't call that a funny outcome of a prank...

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