News: Cockberg.... Right ahead!

Cockberg.... Right ahead!

Cockberg.... Right ahead! First off, this is not Photoshopped. Spotted off the coast of Antarctica, this iceberg is a naturally sculpted wonder. The UK Metro concluded it was another devastating, or beautiful, result of global warming.

"Climate change is turning icebergs into giant penises."

The Cockberg is clearly a sign the end is near. Nostradamus mentioned such phallic icebergs came right between his plague and after famine predictions, correct?

Inspired by the natural beauty of a penis of snow and ice? With all this snow laying around, now you can have your very own DaVinci-esque backyard penis. And yes, we have a video for that.

When you're done, send your artful photographs to We'll showcase the most creative Cockbergs and send you a free t shirt.

Build a snow penis

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"the washington monument of snow sculptures?" classic

I wish it looked like a barber pole! Maybe some red spray paint... look so nice!

oh boy do I get a kick out of cock shapped things.

Who dreamed up such a thang???????? NUMA NUMA 2 U 2

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