News: Woo Your Lady With a Bacon Broquet

Woo Your Lady With a Bacon Broquet

Ew. Ew. Ew. Valentine's Day has passed but, take it from me, ladies always like a little romance...

Woo Your Lady With a Bacon Broquet

Portland-based industrial designer Sarah Tisdale fell for her next door neighbor and consequently dreamed up the perfect gift.

"The two had bonded recently over their love for a winning combination: whiskey and bacon. So Tisdale realized there was really only one option: A bacon bouquet. Her house swirling with smoke, she presented the neighbor with a dozen juicy pork blossoms.

He was thrilled, but the relationship eventually fizzled, much like a grease on a hot skillet. Tisdale has no regrets. 'We're not still dating,' she says. 'But it was very poetic and beautiful.'"

Again, ew. But if you're not as grossed out as I am, click through to Fast Company for the HowTo.

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Now, just spritz on a bit of Bacon perfume and you've got a guaranteed good time:

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