News: Force a head to table face smash at 22FPS

Force a head to table face smash at 22FPS

I both apologize and I don't apologize. This is quite procedural, and quite amusing.

Now. As a keen student of anthropology, I notice that women rarely initiate pranks. How come? Beats me. (End of keen observation.)

At Wonderhowto, we are eternally seeking to improve our excellent Prank index, just as vigorously as we seek to improve our ultra rich trove of Food recipes. But in order to achieve an objectionable level of prank perfection, I need your help. Please send me ( an outstanding How-To prank that we may have overlooked.

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Face smash a sleeping roommate

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Made my laugh very hard! Nice!

I prefer hammering nails through the table, so there is something a bit more spiky to deal with.


Stupid and funny. I would seriously get up and punch you hard though.

:L hilarious

good one

thats fukin leg!!!! 5 stars


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