How To: Create a mousetrap noisemaker prank device

Create a mousetrap noisemaker prank device

Besides being useful, mousetraps can be pretty loud, which makes them perfect for the prankster at heart. They can scare the crap out of your intended victim, but for some, giving them the heebie-jeebies can be more difficult than just a normal trap. They might not scare as easily with a short burst of sound. But they will if you add a few mods to that everyday mouse trap!

To make the loud rattrap into a explosively loud snapping machine, you're going to need a few things: a party popper, party snaps, and of course… the rat trap. By adding a little punch to it, you can give anybody a heart attack! That's a joke… don't try this on anyone prone to heart attacks.

For a fun prank, you can set this modded trap behind a door, in a cupboard, or you can even throw it at somebody. Okay, nix that last one.

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