How To: Pull funny pranks at a sleepover

Pull funny pranks at a sleepover

Funny sleepover pranks to do at a sleepover. Watch this prank tutorial video to learn how to do several different pranks at your next sleepover. Learn how to do the:
-permanent marker prank
-cool whip or shaving cream tickle prank
-bed wetting prank
This pranks are lots of funny, just be careful not to make your friends too angry. Use this as inspiration for one of your April Fools Day pranks!

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It's still light outside why is he sleeping?


that kid aint sleeping dude

cool pranks! ill have to try some at my next sleepover maybe 2!

That was stupid.......

that kid wasn't sleeping you can tell when you wrote on his face for the first prank his head was moving

and plus its a sleep over your not supposed to sleep

Hey dumbass those pranks were crap! what was that at the start make sure the pen is washable cos i'm a pussy and my friend might tell on me!!!!!!! All u need r waxing strips and a hairy guy!!!!!

your a dumbassi bet u cant make up a prank

i done the moos 1 and the warm water 1 at the same time to my girl cousin i done it because she stole my 20 she is 8 and im 11 so hah where eaven

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