How To: Set up the ultimate ketchup prank

Set up the ultimate ketchup prank

You must have a certain attitude to appreciate practical jokes and pranks. Your friends (or targets) may not appreciate pranks as much as you, especially messy ones. The messy pranks are the ones that are less likely to provide a laugh from your victims, at least not right away. This ketchup prank is one of those.

Learn from Nextraker! He shows you how to set up the ultimate ketchup prank. It's definitely a messy prank. You will need a few household items, and of course… a bottle of ketchup. Watch and learn how simple it is to bobby trap a ketchup bottle. If done properly, your victim will need a change of shirt — fast!

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classic im going to do that 1 wait i have i done a big hole not to big and it went all ovther them and hope you get the kethchup stain out

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