How To: Make fake poop for pranks

Make fake poop for pranks

Have you ever wanted to make fake poop? Well, here's your chance. Fool your friends, gross out your girlfriend, prank your family members... it's 100% fun.

brusspup has tons of ingenious tips and tricks for everybody! In this video tutorial, he shows you exactly how to make fake poop for pranks.

Just think... all you really need is a cardboard toilet paper roll and some water. That's it! A cardboard tube and some water! Amazing how real this fake crap looks. Not quite the runny bowel movements, but it's still gross for an awesome prank.

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tried it. looks so real! but.. how do you know what it feels like?!

LOL Worked great, my sister freaked out!!!

Totally works

lol it worked my sister went into the room and went ewww then she went towards it add picked it up

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