How To: 5 Mean Shoe Pranks You Must Try

5 Mean Shoe Pranks You Must Try

The following are 5 pranks you can set up on your friends and family using their shoes. They're quite funny and to prepare these pranks all you really need are a few household items and a couple other things you can get at your local dollar store such as party snaps and party poppers. You'll also need access to your friends' shoes.

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Great ideas. One of my favorite shoe pranks was performed on my friend Donna when I was house sitting for her for a week. I had a lot of time to make mischief especially to her expensive clothes and shoes such as her delicious collection of Chanel stilettos. I filled several pair of her shoes with water and froze them overnight. Her shoes stretched to size 8 or maybe an 8 1/2 and would fall off of her feet when she wore her stilettos. lolol.


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