How To: Steal a bed without getting caught

Steal a bed without getting caught

In this prank video tutorial, you will learn how to steal a bed without getting caught. To pull off this cool prank, you will need three group members, a bed to steal, and a place to stash the stolen bed when you are done.

The best number of people to use for this bed prank is three. It is best if the third member of your group is the roommate of the recipient of the prank. This makes getting into the room much easier. Find out the rest of the prank instructions in the video.

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plain dumb

...ranks pretty high on my list of things I hope I never see again.

look everyone 3 virgins!!!! seriously the nerdiest lookin dudes i ever seen. what college is that at m.i.t?

i think these guys need the video "how to get laid" seriously.

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