How To: Pull the April Fool's Day Shower Head Prank

Pull the April Fool's Day Shower Head Prank

For the dedicated prankster, April Fool's Day is no joke. Nothing will stop them from coming up with the cleverest, most elaborate prank the world has ever seen. Or at least—their victim.

The hardcore mischief-makers start planning out their ingenious prank the day after April 1st, taking a whole year to plot out their tricks, just so they can top the previous year's gag. But for the average prankster, that's way too much time and money. Something simple will do for the rest of us, and at a fair price of less than a buck, what could go wrong?

That's right, less than a buck. And the target room is the bathroom. Specifically, the shower. More specifically, the shower head.

There's nothing more simple (and more devious) than the shower head prank. And the best part—you choose your poison.

#1. Chicken Bouillon in the Shower Head

If you don't even know what bouillon is, maybe this isn't the right bathroom prank for you. But any good cook know what I'm talking about, and the best one to use—chicken bouillon. Why? Well, spraying beef or pork broth on somebody just seems cruel—plain cruel.

So, how do you do it? Again, it's a simple prank, which deserves a simple explanation, so:

  1. Get some chicken bouillon cubes.
  2. Unscrew your victim's shower head (most of you will use a 9" adjustable wrench).
  3. Place the bouillon cube inside.
  4. Screw the shower head back together (use Teflon tape to keep it from leaking).
  5. Wait for your dirty victim to become even dirtier, thanks to some good old-fashioned chicken soup.


  • Some of you might need a pair of channellocks (tongue and groove pliers) instead of the 9" adjustable wrench.
  • For those of you who can't separate your shower head (as demonstrated in the video), you can still perform this prank. Just unscrew the whole shower head from the shower arm (the pipe sticking out of the wall) and place the bouillon cubes directly inside the pipe. Then slap on some tape dope and screw the shower head back on.
  • Don't forget about that Teflon tape! Tape dope is definitely necessary if you want to control the shower head contents onto your victim and not all over the bathroom.

#2. Soap in the Shower Head

A less evil way to prank a showering friend is with soap. Seems counterintuitive, doesn't it? It's almost like helping them get clean. But it's more about confusion than harshness (unless they've got some hard water).

Basically, you follow the same steps as above, only you substitute the bouillon cubes for small pieces of bar soap. Shove as many small pieces into the shower head as possible, then reinstall it. If they're the type to warm up their shower before use, they'll come back to find a tub full of bubbles, and they'll stop at nothing to figure out what happened. If they're the type to dive right in, they'll be stumped at why they can't ever rinse the soap off of them. Either way, it's a win, win (for you, not them).

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#3. Lifesaver in the Shower Head

So you've passed on the chicken soup and thought the soap was too lame—next up is sweet, saccharine candy. Lifesavers, that is. The lighter the color, the better, because you don't want to tip them off to what's going on. Try a green, white or yellow Lifesaver—something that won't show up in the water.

When your victim takes his/her shower, they won't suspect a thing. They won't even know what hit them until they get out and start to dry off, finding out that they are completely sticky. What's even better? If they don't realize and hop right back in without removing the hidden sugar substance inside the shower head. Just imagine the frustration of a not once, but twice fooled syrupy friend. Sweet, huh?


  • This works well with all kinds of sugary candy, not just Lifesavers. Try using Jolly Ranchers or any other hard, sticky candy.
  • The less color and less flavor the candy has, the less likely it will be noticed while showering. You want to make sure it doesn't change the water color or create a strong, noticeable odor.

#4. Blood in the Shower Head

Okay, maybe not blood, but something that looks like it. Again, it plays out like all of the above steps, but this time you'll be using a "blood cube"—no it really isn't blood. These however, are not easy to find. If you have a local gag store, you can probably snag some, but otherwise you'll have to find a substitute. Red food coloring in paste or powdered form works best. You could also try Kool-Aid, but you won't get that great of an effect. Definitely not blood-curdling, so I'd opt for the blood cube or food coloring.

If your victim is a hemophobiac, this could be one of the best shower pranks ever! Unless they freak out, slip and fall, and give themselves a concussion. Just make sure you attend to them once you've stopped laughing.

Also, check out this second video for another option—Easter egg dye with some meat tenderizer.

#5. Nothing in the Shower Head

In fact, for this prank, there's no shower head at all! It involves absolutely NO money (unless you don't have any tools handy) and will give your shower buddy (not—not that kind of buddy, pervert) a rush of strong water. Chances are they'll notice before hopping in, but if they're the type that doesn't warm up the water beforehand, you might just get them.

Check it out.

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