How To: Prank friends with an electrified door handle

Prank friends with an electrified door handle

You'll need to know how to build a taser (or tazer) from a disposable camera first, but this tutorial will teach you how to turn your ordinary door into a entertaining prank shocking door that tazers anyone that uses the door handle. Use this as inspiration for one of your April Fools Day pranks!

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u make it hard while it is more simple

OK, just

genuis now do a video for the taser

Oh, ok. So you're going to hook a capacitor that outputs 10 Milli-amps to a doorknob, when it takes 7 Milli-amps to kill you? Real smart.

5 mA through the heart. last time I checked you don't open doors with your heart.

BRILLIANT! 5 stars. without doubt. this idea is amazing, ive used it many times myself, and have accidentally used it on myself a few times. im still alive. no, it wont kill u, and u can find the directions on how to make the tazer somewhere esle, but this idea is amazing. great job dude ;)

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