How To: Make fake semen

Make fake semen


id add some food coloring to make it yellower or butter instead of mayo

this is #$%@in gonna blow in my dogs face :>

Thats funny, but i know how to make more realistic semen, bring some plain old rice to the boil, simmer for 10 minutes or so, the longer the thicker it goes, strain the rice, the liquid left over is like the real thing, half filled a condom once, left it on the ground, a group of guys seen it, started debating how someone could have so

My friend Antny from New Orleans told me he adds a bit of Clorox to give it that natural aroma.

While stirring it slightly with a fork, heat up some eggwhite in a pan or pot until you get the right consistence and color (should take only a few seconds).

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