How To: 5 Evil Prank Ideas for April Fools' Day!

5 Evil Prank Ideas for April Fools' Day!

In this video I'm going to teach you 5 pranks you can get away with at school or at home On April 1st.

Step 1: Dry Board Eraser Prank

Lets start with one you can do on you teacher. Get to class early before your teacher and mess with their dry board eraser, heres how. Grab the eraser and open it. Pour some black shoe polish inside and restore it back to normal. The material inside will absorb it and here's what will happen when your teacher puts it to use. Its just fun to mess with teachers on April fools day.

Step 2: Gum Behind Ruler Prank

For this next prank, you'll need a piece of gum, simply stick in behind a ruler and put it back in the pencil cup. Next time your victim uses it, it will ruin their paper work. Its pretty messed up.

Step 3: Tampon Prank

Now lets use a tampon to creep someone out, Open it and and stick the string on to the the cap of an empty juice carton, Used glue or tape for that. While that dries fill the empty carton of orange juice with water and red kool aid but if you have fake blood even better.

Once filled put the tampon inside and twist the cap on. Next time someone gets thirsty and wants some juice they'll be in for a surprise.

Step 4: Powerade Chili Powder Prank

Here again youre going to need the cap from a juice carton. Basically what you're going to do is jam it inside your friends powerade bottle.

You can either leave it as is because it is hard to pop out or mess with your friend even further by adding chili powder and water inside. Put the cap on and you might actually get your friend to take a sip from it, especially if it's a dark room.

Step 5: Thumb Tacks on Shoes Prank

This last prank is for you to do on your roommates, get a hold of their shoes that they're going to be wearing in the morning and cover one with thumb tacks on both the bottom and the sides like you see in my example. Now I'm not gonna lie it actually looks better good with the thumb tacks on but your roommate might disagree. It's just going to be a pain to take them off. Might cause them to be late for work or school.

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