How To: 5 Mean April Fool's Day Pranks You Can Do

5 Mean April Fool's Day Pranks You Can Do

You can never pull off "too many" pranks on April 1st, so here are 5 simple yet very mean pranks you can prepare for friends and family on April Fool's Day! Not much is needed, just a few household items you most likely already have. Here is the video tutorial to get a better idea of how to start pranking.

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The frozen water bottle trick #2 is maybe not too funny if someone had a laptop or tablet or smartphone in the same bag. could be looking at $500 -$1000 in water damages. Not to mention if they lost contacts or photos or their school/work projects. I love a good prank, but totally f*cking someone up - be ready for an ass whupin or a few trips to the ATM machine.

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