How To: 5 Soda Pranks You Must Try!

5 Soda Pranks You Must Try!

?The following are 5 practical jokes you can set up on your friends and family, All these pranks involve sodas so make sure you have a few handy if you want to try out these pranks. Just a little warning, 4 out of the 5 pranks showcased in this intractable are pretty messy so prank at your own risk.

Type of sodas needed
Bottled and canned

Additionally, you're going to need the following
Push Pins


Pranks 1

Attach a string to the bottom of a soda can and the other end tape to the door of the refrigerator, put it back and when some one grabs the soda out of the fridge, The string will pull back on it causing your victim to drop it. It may or may not explode. Either way the soda will be ruined.

Prank 2

On the bottom of the fridge door, there is a compartment that allows for easy access to your canned drinks, Glue a push pin sticking up behind the first can. When that can is pulled out, the can on top will fall on to the push pin making a big mess.

Prank 3

Swap out the contents from a Bottle of sprite, with the bottle of club soda, you can also swap out coke for soy sauce. Get creative and you will definitely mess with your victims.

Prank 4

Fill up a cup with soda, place a piece of cardboard over it and flip it upside down. Place it on a shelve inside a cabinet and gently pull out the cardboard. When your victims grabs that cup, all the contests will spill all over the place.

Prank 5

Turn a diet coke on its side, peel off the label and make there cuts on top to make a flap. Once you have created the flap, tape a mentos on that flap and flatten it out. Cover it with the label and the prank is ready. When your victim gets thirsty and picks up the bottle of diet coke, the chemical reaction will happen.

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