How To: Make an evasive beeping thing

Make an evasive beeping thing

This video shows you how to make a prank toy called "The Evasive Beeping Thing."
You will need: a 555 timer, a couple of 3904 transistors, a couple of capacitors, some resistors, a 9-volt battery clip, a small speaker, and a small piece of circuit board to settle everything. Follow these simple steps:

1) Place the timer, 2 resistors, the 100-microfiber capacitor, and a couple of more resistors.
2) Place the 3904 transistors. Be careful. You have to place then in the middle.
3) Place the two 1.01-microfiber capacitors.
4) Place the last 2 resistors.
5) Settle the speakers and the 9-volt battery clip.
6) Place the battery and test it out.
7) You now have the annoying sound.
8) Place it in a place difficult to find.

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