How To: Trap Your Roommate in Their Dorm Room Using Nothing but Pennies

Trap Your Roommate in Their Dorm Room Using Nothing but Pennies

These days, pennies are useless when it comes to buying things, and that's why Canada doesn't even have any anymore. But, there are a lot of cool things you can do with those worthless pennies, and what's better than a good old-fashioned prank?

If you live in a college dorm, military barracks, or similar structure, they have a huge heavy metal door with deadbolt lock. By binding bundles of pennies together with some duct tape and sticking them in the door frame of a locked door, you can prevent the door from unlocking and opening altogether, trapping your victim inside.

Just make sure you only do this on your roommate. Doing this to random people not a prank, it's just mean. Revenge is what pranks are made for.

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this is stupid,one it doesent work,two your locking yourself out.three you have to lock the door enyway.

I did this to a roommate at our dorm and forgot about him.... later I say on the news that a student starved to death... I felt bad but it was still funny

but the wierd thing about it is that it actualy works

how are you suppose to get out how do take thos down

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