How To: Prank Your Friend's Cell Phone by Encasing It in Jello!

Prank Your Friend's Cell Phone by Encasing It in Jello!

A little fruit-flavored gelatin can go a long way in the prank department, especially on April Fool's Day. So, if you've got a friend or loved one who's addicted to their smartphone, make them squirm with this jiggly jello prank.

The jello prank consists of encasing your target's mobile phone in gelatin, so when the phone rings they don't know how to answer it without ripping the jello to shreds.

It's as simple as make one batch of Jell-O in a bowel and freezing it. Then when frozen, place the phone (wrapped up securely in plastic) on top the first batch. Make the second batch and pour on top of the phone and freeze.

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very lame, had you set it right and then left it beside her bed for the alarm to go off...thats funny

I would have even put fruit in it, wrapped the plastic wrap underneath, so u couldn't see it.. then let it set..or else it's Lame !!


WOAH, fat wife alert,

wow this would be cool ....... but my brother did it to me so ya and it was not that cool i just said wow my phone is i jello

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