How To: Make a Self-Expanding Shaving Cream Bomb Prank

Make a Self-Expanding Shaving Cream Bomb Prank

A video on how to make the ultimate shaving cream bomb, great to use on your friend's locker or desk at work. Use this as inspiration for one of your April Fools Day pranks!

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A bit of an inconvenient prank though, i mean, yeah, freeze it for three hours before you go to your friend's house, but how are you gonna get it there and discretely put it in his beer can bag without it backfiring and expanding before you get there?

that seems like a prank you would pull on someone who is staying over at your house, by putting it in there over nite bag.

I agree with garyfields (Aye Caramba!!!)

Meh, it's not that effective for larger areas, such as school lockers. It really only works well in confined spaces that are very warm.

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