How To: Shower someone with confetti

Shower someone with confetti

Give someone his or her own personal ticker tape parade with this easy prank.
You Will Need
* Store-bought or homemade confetti
* Access to your victim's umbrella

Step 1: Get confetti
Buy a bunch of confetti from a party store or make your own with construction paper and a hole puncher or paper shredder.

Multi-colored construction paper makes great confetti.

Step 2: Hide it
On a rainy day, stuff a few handfuls in your victim's closed umbrella.

Make sure you pull this trick when you're out of sight of the umbrella's owner.

Step 3: Duck
Duck when they are showered with tiny bits of paper. And be sure to check your own umbrella the next time there's foul weather.

Fact: Confetti is also the word for the sugared almonds that many Italians pass out at celebration.

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