How To: Pull the styrofoam ice-bottom cup prank

Pull the styrofoam ice-bottom cup prank

Imagine… your friend is drinking an ice-cold soda out of his/her styrofaom cup, and everything's fine, until… it's starts leaking everywhere! It could be utterly hilarious, or disastrously evil, depending on who your target is.

The idea of this cup prank revolves around the one thing meant to keep your drinks nice and cool— ice. All you need is a cup, water and your victims favorite drink to pull off this easy prank. You need to fill the cup with a little bit of water, freeze it until it's rock solid ice, then cut the styrofoam bottom out. Then, pour the drink and hand it to your friend. When the ice melts, the liquid leaks out. Another of Nextraker's ingenious pranks.

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a nother awsom trick done i am your fan when you get a nother trick im waching it

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