How To: Pull the refrigerator handle switch prank

Pull the refrigerator handle switch prank

Pranks are the world's favorite pastime. Everyone loves a good prank, and there's nothing better than keeping someones stomach empty. Imagine the pain and suffering one would endure if he or she could not eat because the fridge will not open. Most refrigerators allow for reversing the door swing. Normally you also switch the handle. But not if you want to thoroughly confuse the victim of this practical joke.

You Will Need
* A bottom-freezer refrigerator
* A wrench
* A screwdriver
* One or more unwitting victims

Step 1: Remove top hinge
Remove the top hinge on the refrigerator by taking out the lag bolts with the wrench.

Step 2: Remount
Remount the hinge on the opposite side of the fridge.

Step 3: Leave other hardware
Leave the other hinges and the handle in their original positions. It will be cross-hinged and impossible to open.

You can also switch all the hinges, making it possible to open from the non-handle side, but this requires remounting three hinges and completely removing both doors.

Step 4: Lay in wait
Hang around the fridge area during lunchtime and wait for hapless victims.

Step 5: Watch in amusement
Watch in amusement as they helplessly struggle with the hopelessly stuck fridge door.

Refrigerators typically consume about one-sixth of all the electricity used in a typical home — more than any other single household appliance.

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