How to Pull off a great prank with a styrofoam cup and a straw

This prank is simple, creative, easy to set up, messy and embarrassing. Five of the first things that we at Wonderhowto look for in a prank. All you need are some basic household materials:

Styrofoam cup
sharp knife

use the pen to mark off the center cap on the bottom of the cup, then cut it out with the knife. Insert the straw, and seal the inside of the hole with vaseline. fill the cup with drink, position the lid, and wait. It's glorious.

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i liked your rat and tooth past pranks the rat was good my cousin was screming and its a boy i messed up his tooth past and so on i dont ll your tricks you are a pro with them and nice voice change i am glad the world has a legendery prankster like you

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