How To: Prank Your Friends with a "Magic" Light Bulb That Lights Up in Your Hand

Prank Your Friends with a "Magic" Light Bulb That Lights Up in Your Hand

Kipkay shows you how to make a magic lightbulb like the magicians use. Great practical joke or prank. All you need is a couple of lightbulbs, an LED and some batteries.

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In one of the shots, it appears as though the led is too low in the globe. Can you get a longer lead led?

Good project... A couple of these would make an interesting addition to your furniture....

What i'm planning to do is take an old lamp base with 2-3 sockets for lightbulbs... I'm then going to increase the width so that the bulbs can slide in and out, but are still somewhat snug... Using some trial and error (i've done this before, but not exactly as he did in the video) i'm going to have it so the contacts connect when the bulbs are twisted... thus lighting them... So then when the power goes out, there is still a backup light! Even more, you can take them out and carry them around to light the way.

would it work with only one button battery???

I'm afraid separate light bulb and base. How can I dismiss safely? Please comment to this. Thanks and regards,

I lit up a lightbulb for a split second with my bare hand?

i created friction between my hand and the lightbulb

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