How To: Prank Your Friend's Computer Mouse into a Smelly Smoke Machine

Prank Your Friend's Computer Mouse into a Smelly Smoke Machine

Most use wireless computer mice these days for their computers, but there are still people stuck on wired optical mice, especially in an office environment. Those people are our targets. As pranking someone's computer may be frowned on, peripherals are fair game, and this prank from Kipkay takes their wired optical computer mouse and turns it into a foul-smelling smoke machine.

  • Crush a smoke bomb and collect the powder.
  • Then take an ordinary computer mouse, preferably an optical mouse, and take the cover off.
  • Plug it in and locate the USB power connections, using a volt-meter. It should be not quite 5 volts.
  • But, 5 volts won't be enough, so a small circuit should be used to increase the voltage, which also includes a small micro-switch.
  • A leaded resistor is wrapped with the smoke bomb powder and wrapped with tape.
  • Install it in the mouse, connecting power to the USB power, and installing the micro-switch to connect to the right mouse button.
  • Swap it in and when your friend hits the right mouse button, the timer on the added circuit starts, and starts giving power to the resistor.
  • The mouse starts to smoke and stink! It even gives a little flash.

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