How To: Prank someone's food for April Fool's Day

Prank someone's food for April Fool's Day

Looking for a few new April Fool's Day pranks? You'll be sure to get a startled look on friends faces when you catch them off guard with some unexpected alterations to their favorite foods. Just remember that what goes around comes around.

Watch what you eat – this is a day people play pranks on their family and friends.

You Will Need

* Chocolate
* Garlic
* Garlic
* An onion
* A popsicle stick
* Nuts
* A chicken leg
* Salt
* Raisins
* A toothpaste tube
* Food coloring
* Milk

Step 1: Make chocolate-covered garlic

Prepare chocolate-covered garlic cloves and pass them off as chocolate-covered peanuts.

Try not to laugh or look suspicious before a prank.

Step 2: Make caramel onions

Make caramel onions instead of caramel apples. Insert a popsicle stick and add a few nuts on top.

Step 3: Sew a chicken

Sew extra chicken legs on a whole chicken before serving.

Step 4: Give someone saltwater

Put salt in someone's water; then sit back and watch their face.

Step 5: Stuff raisins in a toothpaste tube

Stuff raisins into a toothpaste tube and watch people's reaction when they squeeze the tube.

Step 6: Switch cereal bags

Switch the bags in your family's cereal boxes for a breakfast surprise.

Step 7: Add food coloring to milk

Add a few drops of purple or blue food coloring to someone's milk and serve it with a cookie.

Anthropologists have suggested that practical jokes often function as an effort to bring an outsider into a group.

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