How To: Prank Someone with an Exploding Envelope Practical Joke

Prank Someone with an Exploding Envelope Practical Joke

With a little set-up, you can surprise and unsuspecting victim with an explosive envelope. When they try to pull out the envelopes contents a loud pop is sure to freak them out. You will need an envelope, a party popper, and two pieces of cardboard. Watch this video pranking tutorial and learn how to do an exploding envelope practical joke. Use this as inspiration for one of your April Fools Day pranks!

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This is really a very nicely made little video. With all the crap videos out there it's a pleasant surprise to run across one like this.

Wow, Im gonna scare the hell out of my friends, maybe even teachers, with this. But yeah, not many good prank vids around, this was great (>^.^)> *yey*

ur voice is wierd put it is kwl

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