How To: Prank people at the grocery store

Prank people at the grocery store

No one likes having their food messed with. That makes it all the more fun to do so right? This video will show you some fun pranks that you can pull to mess with the food of your friends and neighbors. They include making surprise disgusting layer dip and ordering unusual combinations of items at the grocery store, but are all freakin' hilarious and require relatively little setup or risk.

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Boring, tasteless, unimaginative drivel. The guy does think he's cute though.

Ehhh, after a while they'll start to catch on in the store. Wouldn't try it, lol.

lol i love it prolly wouldnt do the fre+e samples one tho might get busted by the store but im gonna try some of those. wish theyd showed the reactions tho

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