How To: Prank the junk mail companies with shipping costs

Prank the junk mail companies with shipping costs

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That is so funny! I could think of lots of uselessthings to send them!

I actually work for the Postal Service and have seen these things taped on everything from bricks to boxes filled with who knows what. We do have to send it to them and they do have to pay for it

That's awesome! Thanks for the comment!!!!

Thats they fault for sendin #$%@ that ppl didnt request. Immah start doin that #$%@.

lol.. actually funny.. but who has time to do that stuff?

people who are pissed off

that is awesome but the reason to do it is to screw with their rotten business model, not "saving the trees".

the trees are farmed. it's like saying "1 million tomatoes are turned to poop each year! save the tomatoes!!"

Yours was one of the first videos I watched on here and influenced me to join.This one really made me chuckle.Gratitude to you,WonderDude!

lol... saving trees is good...
but messing with them is even better... :P

Your trick don't do nothing else than adding to the final waste of the operation: gallons of oil needed by the truck used to carry your load of stuff to their place.

Use their papers to start a fire. Or collect all their ads over a long period and send them back to the place they come from with an insult letter and some threats.

The aim is that they stop wasting our time.

blah, blah, blah....

wish u could send a camera too so u can see theyre faces

Oh,that would be priceless.......:P

this site is giving away free "return to sender" stickers that are pretty funny. They say things like "You've just been junk'd" and "Dear Marketer, it's not me, it's you."

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