How to Prank a Front-Wheel Drive Vehicle with Zip Ties on the Driveshaft

Zip ties are wonderful little creatures. They can do all types of duties, and they come in all shapes and sizes. But for this gag, you'll want to get the biggest and longest zip ties you can find!

Find yourself a victim with a front-wheel drive car, grab yourself a jack, jack stands, and your zip ties. Secure the zip tie to the car's driveshaft by the wheel, which when rotating, will make a sound that indicates the need for a trip to the mechanic.

It's the perfect April Fool's Day prank!


What the hell was her problem? LOL

She was pissed at me cause I put her on ChappyShowcase


Bad acting.

sorry abou is my keys en workin propely,anyway arn u gonna ge spoed jakin a ar up lol


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