How To: Prank and screw with people in the bathroom

Prank and screw with people in the bathroom

When someone uses a public restroom (former Idaho Representatives aside) they expect a degree of separation, the ability to wander in and move through the experience taking as little notice of their fellow excretors. Why not interrupt that flow and make some people cringe? This video will show you how to pull some great pranks while using a public bathroom. You could probably give someone hang-ups for a long time if you try some of these on the right person.

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one time i took one of my sisters tampons and put ketchup on it,the put it on the counter in the mens bathroom

Loaf wonders...was he a wookie,PeeWee Herman,or Pat Johnson in the stall!?!

I loved that sherbet prank.

i remember someone put a motion trigger fart machine in the movie theater bathroom


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