How To: Play a keyboard prank on a coworker

Play a keyboard prank on a coworker

Do you have coworkers who use the hunt-and-peck method of typing? This trick is guaranteed to drive them completely bonkers.
You Will Need
* Time
* Your coworker's computer keyboard
* A small screwdriver

Step 1: Wait for coworker to leave
This prank needs about an hour of uninterrupted time to accomplish, so be prepared to stay late one night after your coworker leaves.

Step 2: Dismantle the keyboard
With a small screwdriver, gently pop all the keys off the keyboard.

Leave larger keys, such as Shift and Space, in place, as they sometimes have extra parts and can be delicate.

Step 3: Rearrange the keys
Replace the keys in amusing new patterns, or just replace them completely at random. Either approach will cause plenty of confusion.

Spell out a personalized message if you'd like.

Step 4: Watch your coworker get completely frustrated
The next morning, make sure you're at the office in time to see your coworker try to type their first email. Hilarity garanteed.

Fact: The standard keyboard layout for most U.S. computer keyboards and typewriters is called QWERTY, and is named after the first six letters in the top row.

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