How To: Perform the neck crunch trick

Perform the neck crunch trick

Gross out your friends by bending your neck and making a really scary crunch sound with dry pasta. Use this as inspiration for one of your April Fools Day pranks!

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I can do that without the pasta lol

means you're a complet idiot!

you're screwing your neck for nothing!

Really clever, I've seen this done before, but with a tic tac container.... which brings the problem of hiding it in your hand to crush it

I used this one to trick the nurses at the hospital I stayed at.


ha,tricked my mom just now!she flipped #$%@!thanks,but also,i really DID wanna know how to open a beer with a dollar bill :(

hahaah! will use to scare drunk people.

I thought this was supposed to be how to open a beer bottle with a dollar bill...

Fukkin gimp!! Get a life!

i think you need one if all you can be bothered to do is gob off to people!

i wanted to open a beer bottle with a dollar bill :(

wrong video!

it also works to put a plastic cheap cup under your armpit and crunch it, but sometimes it hurts

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