How To: Make A Squirting Flower!

Make A Squirting Flower!

You Will Need

  • an artificial flower
  • a coffee straw (preferably green)
  • a squirt bottle from a liquid candy or a medicine dropper

Hack The Flower

  • Disassemble the flower, remove everything such as the stem and the pedals.
  • When you're left with only the center of the flower, take a sharp object and begin to make a hole big enough to slide in the straw. 
  • The straw will be the new stem, just fit in to place (if your straw is green, it should blend in perfectly with the flower, therefore your victims will not suspect a thing)
  • Put everything back together, to make the flower appear as normal.
  • Fill the candy container with water, makes sure you have cleaned it thoroughly beforehand.
  • Insert the nozzle of the container into the bottom end of the straw, it should fit snuggly.
  • You have successfully made a "Squirting Flower"

How It works?

When the bottle is squeezed, the water will only have one exit, the top of the flower. Depending on how hard the bottle is squeezed will determine the amount of water that comes squirting out.  This gag flower is perfect for April fools or Prom or any event which requires flowers.


  • You might want to disguise the flower by wrapping it around other flowers with wrapping paper, make it seem more casual.
  • The magic words to pulling off this prank are: "HEY, SMELL MY FLOWER" when they lean over to smell the flower, thats when you'll squeeze the bottle and squirt water in their faces.

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