How To: Make a spray can booby trap

Make a spray can booby trap

We know that April Fool's has just passed, but that doesn't mean you can't still prank your friends and family in the most satisfying way possible (satisfying for you, of course, because it'll suck for them).

Check out this practical jokes and pranks video to learn how to pull a spray can booby trap. This trick will tell you if someone has entered a room and can also make a person leave the room with a spray.

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Too complicated... You start wvery step with "Next you want to"

What makes me like it is all the possibilities. Even though it's a complicated setup, it has very good scores in variability and shock value.

I'd set up someone else's room with trick stink spray, or some other foul material. I'd do my room with febreze... XD


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