How To: Make Sleep Glasses

Make Sleep Glasses

Ever wonder how to get out of doing the things you don't want to do? Work, relationships, and simply driving in traffic can make you so tired that you're asleep on your feet. Not any more!

Our "sleep-glasses" invention will shield your eyes so you can tune out and sleep the days away without anyone busting you. Follow along with our how-to video to learn how mock up some sleep glasses to con people into thinking you're awake.

It even makes a good prank, if you want to go that route.

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Awesome! I am going to find a job to sleep at right now! Thanks wonder how to!

Hilarious & Brilliant!

She sounds like she's liking the sleep glasses
good raunchy fun at the office!

Great Stuff, Funny!

ROFLMAO NICE :D I'm gonna make them right now haha

Thats hilarious... drive safely lol

a little old trick, but still funny, i like making them crossed eyed,lol.

oh! one thing though! it dont work with the cop's,, be careful,,,


OMG!! those glass eyes are scary!! jajajaja!!

LOL..great vid :-D

too funny! Kinda scary lookin though

This is soooooo funny!

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