How To: Make a compressed air spit ball launcher

Make a compressed air spit ball launcher

Ever had one of those days you were super bored at work? Love to tease your co-workers? Check out this awesome tutorial video on how to make a compressed air, spit ball launcher. Spend a few minutes following the instructions of this how-to video and you will become the coolest person in the office, and probably the most hated. All you'll need is a ball point pen and one of those compressed air cans for spraying the gunk out of your keyboard. A little bit of immaturity doesn't hurt either. Use this as inspiration for one of your April Fools Day pranks!

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You need to add on which kind of sprayer thingy that your using. You need to list that on a material list on vid.

pretty sure it's just a standard can o' air with a Bic pen dissected and spliced to the nozzle
oh and some spitballs!


this is good..xD thnk you! xDD

Well it's ok. I might try it!

i tryed it,and how about that...i spitball stuck to my teachers neck!thanks dude!

maybe this can also work with a bb

nice one but u need 2 list out the stuff ur using.whats tat spray or whatever?

please read descriptions before posting

nice but my dad probably wont get me a compressed air can =(

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