How To: Make bloody prank bubblegum

Make bloody prank bubblegum

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in case anyone is wondering what the temp is in Fahrenheit it is about 400*

yes i am

Does the food coloring contain any allergens? I know that some people are allergic to that stuff, like my cousin, and it would be quite a bummer if I pulled the prank on someone with an allergy I didn't know of...

uuoouuhh i am soo scared that a bug mite make me sick.. there are invisible allergens that might attack me

Food allergies causes tissue inflammation and death. Your comment Goofy is on par with making fun of cancer and may god have mercy on your soul.

Rymd -
Check the ingredients on the food coloring you use, but I don't think there are any allergens in them mostly sugar starch and color chemicals.

Bitch allergens could cause death.

#$%@ you.

i think the red food coloring is supposedly bad for us all.

then why is it marketed...
they wouldn't market something that could potentially harm you.
hello lawsuits.

Actually they would. And Do. Artificial coloring is bad for you, but they still market it. Just like they still market McDonalds but it's bad for you. Thought I'm not sure the health ramifications of a burger are the same as those of artificial food coloring. Nonetheless, it's still slightly bad for you.

Red Dye 5 (a synthetic dye that is mostly used industrially) can cause brain damage and can influence ADD. You have to check what's the ingredients in the food coloring you buy but I'm sure there's all natural or special food dyes made with different ingredients. If they're not at your grocery store, check out a cake decorating specialty store.

aha thats genius

are you sure that it will last 3-4 days? cause i don't think so


another bloody prank is 2 get a fake lip ring (is has a slot u put ur lip through) then get fake blood and put it in the side of a person's mouth- then stage a fight between you and the set up person. go to a place with lots of people. rip their ring right out of their face while they scream and let the blood drip.

Thats genus.

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