HowTo: Unzip a Dress With a Paperclip (MacGyver Style)

In honor of our recent post on the man behind MacGyver, here's a little advice from the master: "A paperclip can be a wonderous thing. More times than I can remember one of these had gotten me out of a tight spot..."

HowTo: Unzip a Dress With a Paperclip (MacGyver Style)

MacGyver's legendary paperclip. Famous for using common everyday items (such as a candy bar, cold capsule, ballpoint pen, rubber band, tweezers, nasal spray, or turkey baster, etc.) instead of traditional weaponry, MacGyver used a paperclip to hot wire a truck, diffuse a bomb, and best of all, unzip a girl's dress.

Inspiring. Simple, clever, oh so MacGyver. Here's a few more ideas of what to do with a paperclip, courtesy of WonderHowTo's library:

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